My Mission Statement

In 2015 I revised my mission statement.  I originally wrote it  in January 2000 after reading Stephen Covey’s Book, “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People”

Acknowledging that I am a special and unique creation of God, made with purpose and endowed with many special gifts, my mission is to realize my full potential and to use my gifts for the enabling and building up of others.

My most important “Other” is my husband. With him I will build up a strong, loving relationship, striving to strengthen and encourage him and to make him supremely happy. We will have fun together and make happy memories, remembering that we will not always be together.

My children will also not be with me for long. I will enjoy them, delighting in the unique characters God has given them, building strong relationships and happy memories, and inspiring them to reach their full potential.

Friends are important to me. I regard people as more important than things or tasks. Listening is more important than talking. When I do talk, may it be more uplifting than tearing down. I shall value my friends and work towards inspiring and enabling them.

I believe words are powerful.  With my words, spoken and written, I shall endeavour to bring encouragement, support and strength to those I encounter, like water quietly seeping into the earth and refreshing flowers.  This applies to my blogs, my books, letters, e mails and even comments on the internet.


I believe in and admire truth, honour, courage, faithfulness, kindness, gentleness, patience and self control and will do my best to incorporate them into my life. However, the overriding principle must be love.

I have invited Jesus Christ into my life. He is my final authority, Lord and guide. The bible is my handbook on right living.

I realize that other people will not have my mission, nor my values, but I accept that they, too, are created by God for a purpose.

9 thoughts on “My Mission Statement

  1. Vibrant

    It’s a beautiful mission statement Jenny; addressing all spheres of life. I have heard a lot about Covey’s classic but not read it yet. I hope to read it soon–I would look forward to you for inspiration in my life 🙂



  2. Susan Woodward

    What a beautiful mission Statement! Of course we tweak the churches on occasion and my husband and I refocus on our visions and talk about “our” current missions in life. I can’t wait to sit and write out mine! Thanks for blogging yours it’s made for an amazing blogging prompt for me!!!
    Your Sister in Christ,


  3. Lesley Wood

    Reminds me of the time we wrote our mission statements together. I revisit mine every now and again, but haven’t updated it. I have used it twice in narrative practice conversations with students however. Keep up the blogging, it is making a difference and wonderful material for your book



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