Tags and Titles

I like my blog’s title. “Coffee in the Rain.” It conjures up images of things not going according to my plan. I am wet and miserable. Somebody offers me a cup of cappuccino. It doesn’t make me dry or change the situation but it warms me up and makes me feel better. Then I can actually take a step back and notice that rain is actually beautiful. Rain is life. Some people pray for rain.

Some years ago my Son, David, ran a website called Coffee in the Rain. It was a collection of inspirational stories that people could subscribe to and add to. I have his permission to use his title.

The tagline is what I want to tell the World. God has a plan for your life. Things may seem difficult or even impossible, but God has a plan. We might even come to the end of our life and not know what God’s plan was, but God has a plan.

Inspired by the song “God has a plan for my life” by Debby Kerner Rettino

for full lyrics click here

How do you like your Coffee?

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