I am stunned too easily

Recently I joined the South African Writer’s Circle. I entered my first competition at the end of July. The challenge was to write a travel article suitable for the Getaway Magazine.

Me writing a travel article.

Me writing a travel article.

I didn’t have a hope of winning or even being placed, of course, but the benefit is that you get constructive feedback by one of the judges. Mine pointed out that I tended to use cliches a lot and particularly highlighted the word “stunning”. Since then I have noticed how often I use that word and it robs it of its true meaning. Think of a stun gun. Being stunned is very powerful. To be stunned three times in one post is a bit of overkill. So my challenge for the week is to try to stay away from such cliche’s. If any of my blogging friends notice cliches in a post, particularly “stunning” Please point it out to me. (Do you think “overkill” is a cliche?)


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