Put your money where your mouth is.

God has a sense of humour. On Sunday Audrey Cunningham published a guest post that I wrote,  Red Car. In it I admitted that I battled to regard my time and money as actually belonging to God, not me.

My husband and I belong to the Gideons. They are the people who place bibles in hotel rooms, doctors waiting rooms, schools, prisons and a couple of other highways and byways. Last night was our monthly dinner meeting. The whole theme of the meeting and the main business was the upcoming Faith Fund lunch. Our target is R90 000. The money is used to buy bibles for people beyond our borders who can’t afford bibles. It was suggested that we invite people with a heart for mission to buy a box of 100. If each of the ten members got five donors, we would have R75 000. If we then each bought a box of 100 ourselves, that would make the goal.


I was getting more and more uncomfortable. My husband and I are not typical Gideons who are usually successful business and professional  people. He retired from the bank a couple of years ago and is now a pensioner. I work as a laboratory assistant at a school where I earn about half of what a teacher does. I thought this was a really unfair demand to put on us all.

I caught myself. Here I had just blogged about everything I have belonging to God and already I was complaining.

Overnight the decision was made. Next month I get a birthday bonus. Although the amount required is more than the 10% traditional tithe, I will regard it as such and buy the box. I am sure the Lord is smiling, if not laughing. I backed myself into that corner. As always, His timing is impeccable.

This morning my husband was running a little late in getting ready to take the older two grandchildren to school (or his watch was not synchronised correctly.) We had a four year old and his little one and a half year old sister walking down the garden path to our front door yelling at the top of their voices “Grampa, its time to go!” and “Bumpa, Bumpa” respectively. I had been just about to start my quiet time but what with all the walking up and down the garden path and interacting with the three grandchildren, I only had five minutes left. However, I said to myself, “It’s God’s time anyway and he knows all about the interruptions.” Maybe I am learning slowly.

up the garden path

3 thoughts on “Put your money where your mouth is.

  1. Audrey D Cunningham

    This is such a beautiful story, Jenny. Thanks for sharing. I’ve had my fair share of “gotch ya” moments with God, in a good way. I think it was Max Lucado who once said that God loves us just the way we are, but he loves us too much to leave us that way. Growing always has it’s growing pains, but I’m sure the reward in the end will make it all worth it. Those Bibles in the waiting rooms and in the hotels have such a powerful way of changing lives. They’re locations where people tend to be in crisis, and through that Bible God is able to intersect with that person and come into their lives. Someday you’ll hear the stories of the people whose lives were touched by the Bible’s you’re sacrificially giving, and it will be so much better than any earthly reward. You truly are amazing and an inspiration. Just keep being awesome, Jenny. 🙂 God bless you. Audrey


    1. Fuzzy Panda Barista Post author

      Thanks Audrey. Yes, Gideons International does make available to us testimonies about how God has changed lives through the reading of a bible. They are always inspiring and make doing God’s work in this part of the Vineyard worthwhile.
      I hope things are going better with your Mom today and her fever is gone.

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