Loveless House

In response to this week’s challenge to write a story of 100 words or less. The photo prompt is by David Stewart.

PHOTO PROMPT © David Stewart

I look in the cracked mirror. Hollow expressionless eyes look back at me.  As I pass my emaciated hand through my unkempt hair, I notice all the needle pricks. From 13 I was violated.  Repeatedly. I have never recovered.

My father died yesterday. Last night I dreamed I went back to the house again.  After 20 years the windows were empty and unfeeling. The garden was overgrown with weeds and unkempt. There was nobody to love it, to care for it. The fence was violated.

He can’t hurt me anymore.  I will go back.  I will weed and plant flowers.

16 thoughts on “Loveless House

  1. rochellewisoff

    Dear Jenny,

    It sounds like she’s ready to move on perhaps, but not without a lot of work. I like the metaphor of the garden and her unkempt appearance. Well done.



    PS I like my coffee black. 😉


  2. dmmacilroy

    Dear Jenny,

    The garden will grow now and for many years, one feels from reading your story, the weeds will be kept at bay. Good job with a tough prompt.




  3. gahlearner

    She seems to have found a good way to recover, together with the house. I, too, like the comparison house/MC.



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