In response to Friday Fictioneers  I submit the following:

PHOTO PROMPT © The Reclining Gentleman

Photo prompt from The Reclining Gentleman

I don’t know where I am going but I am leaving. For good. I am leaving behind an abusive relationship, lies, violence and distrust. I open the window and the rushing air blows away the guilt and shame that clings to me like a spider’s web.

I haven’t lost any of the love I once had.  I just can’t deal with this Jekyll and Hyde Monster that has come between us. Not anymore. They say our past shapes us and causes us to choose partners like our parents. My Mom was abused. I never thought I would become an abuser. (100 words)

28 thoughts on “Leaving

    1. Fuzzy Panda Barista Post author

      The abuser is a man. He is running away from the monster that he has become. Unfortunately, unless he gets help, he won’t be able to change. At least he realises what is happening. It’s the first step.

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  1. gahlearner

    We resemble our parents more than we’d sometimes like to admit. Great twist, and kudos to the MC to recognize what he’s doing. If he really wants to change, he’ll get help, and has a chance.

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  2. Corina

    If we look at the statistics, boys whose father abused their mother will become abusers themselves. Girls whose mothers were abused will become the abused ones in their relationships. And a lot of people who were abused as children will become the abusers. The challenge is to break the cycle. I think your story showed this.

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