Gospel Limerick

Today’s poetry assignment is to write a limerick about imperfections. Mine is a serial limerick.

I know what is bad and what’s good

But I don’t do the good that I should.

I do bad instead

And it has to be said,

If I could fix myself, then I would.

One greater than I had a plan.

He came down to earth as a man.

He died on a cross

But Death was not boss

And He welcomes me into His clan.


But still, after deep introspection,

I don’t live a life of perfection

But I’ve got peace with God

And, when Death gets the nod,

I’ll share in His grand Resurrection


4 thoughts on “Gospel Limerick

  1. Lizl

    I like my coffee cold-brewed and strong. And for one thing I very much long. That I could have written the words that were driven to come to you, right–surely not wrong.



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