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Coffee with wings #16

Taste and see that the Lord is good.

Psalm 34:8

TasteThere is something very personal about taste. Seeing, hearing and smelling you can do in a crowd. Touching and tasting is very individual and you have to take a risk. You have to do something which could be potentially  dangerous but once you have tasted, you know.

I encourage you to read the whole psalm if you have time.

Bee Day

In the summer I have my quiet time in our tiny garden. It is shaded by a huge acacia tree. I was sitting on the bench just settling down and breathing in my surroundings when my eye caught the footer in my journal. The heavens declare the glory of God. I looked up. A pure blue sky laced with acacia tree. As I focused I saw it. The movement. Thousands of bees were collecting pollen from the pom poms on our tree. They come for one day a year and this was the day. If i hadn’t looked up, I would have missed them. As I listened very carefully, I could hear the hum high above me from the endless activity.

God is at work all the time. We can easily miss it. We have to look up. We have to focus and turn our minds and thoughts to Him. We have to still ourselves and listen very carefully.

You might not see God working in your life at the moment but believe me, He is. Trust Him and keep your eyes and ears open and your heart attuned to His whispers of love.





Coffee with Wings #14

On Saturday we saw our son off at the Gautrain Station. The train would take him to the airport where he embarked on his  Great Adventure.  It would take 24 hours to reach his destination and this is the verse I left with him.

I am sending an angel ahead of you. He will protect you as you travel. He will lead you to the place I have prepared. (ICB)

We know that God has prepared the place for him because divine fingerprints can be seen in all the events that have led up to this point. May the verse inspire and help anybody else who is travelling. God know where you are going and why and He will go with you.


This post was inspired by Linda G Hill who set the topic for this week’s #SoCS as “indescribable”.  I can’t think of this word without thinking of the DVD I saw by Louie Giglio called Indescribable.  That is too long to paste here but it is based on the song by Chris Tomlin with the same name. Click Here



One-liner Wednesday. Prayer is communication.

Prayer is like having a cell phone so small it is embedded in your ear lobe.

This post is part of One-liner Wednesday


Below is a tiny cell phone- still not small enough though…tiny-mobile-phone-banPhoto from