Secret Wedding

This is a story for flash fiction for aspiring writers. The challenge is to write a flash fiction story between 100 and 150 words based on a prompt. This week’s prompt is from Louise at The Story Teller’s Abode.


Kathryn took the steps two at a time, hindered by the expanse of white dress she was holding up with both hands. The prince had said he would meet her at dawn in the old chapel. He had organised with the bishop. It was now almost an hour after dawn. She had underestimated how long it took to prepare and saddle a horse without a groom. Had he waited?

As she reached the top she saw his back receding out the other side. “Richard!” she yelled.

He turned. His face lit up. “I thought you had changed your mind,” he said, sheathing his sword again. (105 words)

13 thoughts on “Secret Wedding

  1. Priceless Joy

    Fabulous! I love a good happy ending and this story delivered! I loved how you described the “walk” toward the groom, the “fear” of the groom not waiting and having him waiting for her at the end. Wonderful story!


  2. Sonya

    Great story-telling! And I’m intrigued by the sword-sheathing at the end – was he about to go on a killing spree because his betrothed had stood him up? Nicely done 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    1. bikurgurl

      Agreed! I had assumed at first it was a Romeo & Juliet moment of considering ending his life if he couldn’t be with his beloved, but then thought of mounting a war to stifle the hurt inside. Intriguing…


  3. Jenn

    They both thought they were getting stood up on their wedding day, how terrible. Glad they both got their happy endings. And they have a story to tell the grandkids 🙂

    Liked by 1 person


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