I write because..

I have started a 20 day challenge to write every day.

Today’s challenge is 15 minutes free writing on why I write.

I write because I feel God has called me to write. See “How it all began” When you think about it, if I had been called to be a missionary in some foreign country, I would not be able to procrastinate and only do it when I was not too busy doing something else! If I take my writing as seriously, I must at least write every day. It is not a hobby, or an add on. It is a calling. I have heard that there is no such thing as Writer’s Block. Imagine if you have a job and when you wake up in the morning and don’t feel like going to work, you phone your boss and explain that you have Worker’s block! I never feel like going to work in the morning.

I must remember for Whom I write. I was not called to publish, I was not called to make lots of money, I was not called to win competitions. I was just called to write. So let me do that diligently and leave the rest to God.

I’m not sure if that was 15 minutes or not. It is at least a start.

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