Every Day Inspiration 4


I am running a day behind. Yesterday’s prompt is the picture above.

Behind her was her family’s burning farm and the fighters from the Wu kingdom who had determined to wipe out all the members of the Xi clan. In front of her was the forest with all its dangers. Su Yung had no choice. All through her twelve years of life she had been warned about the dangers of the forest and of the tigers who lurked there. Now, as the evening sun was setting, she began running headlong into the trees. Her blue coat flapped around her legs uncomfortably but she was grateful for its warmth. The smell of pine trees mingled with the dank smell of the forest floor. Her breath was coming in short gasps but her legs continued to run, powered by a force that was stronger than her aching muscles. Perhaps if she could stay safely hidden for the night, she could come back when the raiders had tired of looking for her. Perhaps she could make her way to find her grandfather who would tell her what to do.

This is the potential opening of a Wuxia short story. Any comments or suggestions?

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