Streams of consciousness Saturday – Climb

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The word I have chosen is climb. As in move from one elevation to a higher one. When I was a little girl I used to fantasize about a system where you always walked down hill. I realized that to equalize things at some stage you would have to go up at some stage so I pictured a sort of lift contraption at every street corner. I am still not crazy about walking or even cycling uphill. It takes so much more effort. When I go on hikes and have to climb a steep incline, my method is to take ten steps up, turn around (so I can’t see how much hill is still ahead of me) and take ten deep breaths then continue with the next ten steps.

At work I have my office on the second floor. It is in a school so there are no lifts. I have got into the habit of climbing up and down two flights of stairs regularly. After a school holidays, when I get back to school I am so breathless and can barely make it up the two flights. It occurs to me, when I retire next year, my body will miss the regular conditioning those two flights of steps have afforded me.

If we only had downhill, our climbing muscles would get weaker and weaker. I suppose life is like that too. If everything always ran smoothly and there were no obstacles, no mountains to climb, we would miss out on a lot of life and never develop coping skills and our characters would never develop to their full potential.

So today, I thank God that I can climb and that He’s put steps in my life.

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