Christian Servanthood re-enforced

The year started with many subtle and not so subtle confirmations of the servant theme God was talking to me about. The most astounding of these happened soon after we arrived home from New Zealand. My youngest South African grandchild (5) had been shown a science experiment at school and given a little packet to reproduce it at home. It involved lifting up an ice cube with a piece of string. Naturally, her brother and sister wanted to do it too so I got four side plates for us to do our experiment on. It involved wetting the string, placing it on the ice cube and covering it with salt. Our first experiment didn’t work, I suspect because my freezer was not yet up and running and the only ice cubes we could find in my daughters house were very small and half melted by the time we had assembled everything. The children then decided they were hungry and wanted to make car sandwiches which has become almost a tradition when they visit Granny. This required another three side plates.

By the time I thought of making cheese sandwiches for my husband and myself for supper, there were only two side plates left in the cupboard. The very bottom one I had never seen before. It had the covenant prayer of John Wesley printed on it.

davOne would have to be very obtuse not to get the message.

I found out later that when my son had vacated the bachelor pad prior to going to Russia on a teaching contract, he had brought some crockery to my husband who had integrated it into our general supply. It seems like we had never come to the end of the pile of side plates in eighteen months and I had never come across this memento plate before. God moves in mysterious ways. I wonder what this year is going to hold. I can almost guarantee I am going to grow.

P.S We did get the science experiment to work the following day when we had decent ice cubes.

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