The parable of the hanging basket.

I am still meditating on Psalm 23, “He restores my soul.” At the same time I am reading a book called “Why we sleep.” by Matthew Walker. He talks about sleep restoring our brain. This is not like a quick vitamin B injection, it takes time. He gives a good argument for eight hours sleep a night.

I know my relationship with God requires time spent with him but for some reason time often runs away with me and I skip that quiet time in the morning. Why is it so much easier to rush around doing the urgent and ignoring the important? Some important things, like sleep, have their own reminders. Stay up too late and your body tells you you are tired. Forget to feed the cats and they’ll be sure to let you know about it. Other things, like exercising or spending time with God have no such cues.

In our garden we have two hanging plants. They each have a little pipe with a dripper which connects them to the watering system.


Yesterday I noticed that the pipe had come out of the geranium’s pot and was hanging loose. Despite being disconnected from the water supply, the leaves were still green and looked healthy. However, I know very well what would have happened if I hadn’t noticed for a week or two.

dead leaf

God can’t restore my soul if I don’t give him time to do it. Just like my plant, one or two days without the water of life might not make any discernible difference but for a prolonged period, the signs would be obvious. I would become more selfish, more sensitive,  and a worse version of myself. I hope I take this parable to heart as I continue to try to organise my 2019.

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