Tiddly Winks


Now that the grandchildren are getting bigger, I’ve cleared out my Granny Toy Box and turned it into Games and Activities Box. Recently we had an opportunity to open a brand new box of Tiddly Winks.

The five-year-old eagerly sorted the small disks into four colours. There were ten of each. There was also a larger disk in each colour. I did my best to demonstrate how to get the tiddly winks into the target dish but I had forgotten how difficult it was. We decided to play our ten small discs before going to retrieve them. There were tiddly winks flying everywhere. I didn’t get one in the target but my eight-year-old grandson was quite proficient.

As you can imagine, several tiddly winks got lost. The children worked out an excellent retrieval system. My grandson would lift the couch while his sister would look under and retrieve any coloured disks trying to hide. Nevertheless when it was time for the grandchildren to go home, there was still one yellow tiddly wink lost. The adults and children spent some time lifting furniture, peering with cell phone torches and seeking the lost member. The children went home and it was still lost. It reminded me of the story of the lost coin.

In Luke 15 Jesus tells three parables about lost things:- a lost sheep, a lost coin and a lost son. It was important to Him that we understand how important we are to Him, how He will leave the un-lost and go searching for the lost. We might feel like we are unimportant, like I’m sure the tiddly wink would have thought of itself if it was a character. The story of the prodigal son, however, shows us how much rejoicing there is in heaven when one lost soul comes home and how our Father accepts us into His family no matter what we have done.

And, by the way, my husband found the lost tiddly wink and we are all happy that the game is, once more, complete.

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