A Loving Father

Image by Pezibear from Pixabay

My husband and I went out for breakfast last Saturday morning to a nearby supermarket that offers a breakfast special.

At the table next to us was a family of four. They had finished their breakfast and were just spending time together. The mother had her back to us. Opposite her, a little girl of about seven sat on her father’s lap with her arms around his neck. A little boy, perhaps two years older, sat on our left opposite the chair that his sister had vacated.

We watched their interactions while tucking into our bacon and egg. The children were well behaved and respected by their parents. When they spoke, they were listened to. At one stage the boy rested his head on his father’s free arm which was resting on the table. The father gently admonished his daughter for using her hand instead of a serviette and leaned over to get one for her.

It came to me that this is the kind of relationship our heavenly Father longs to have with us and treasures. He’d love us to sit on his lap and enjoy him. He’s interested in listening to our prayers and is never in a rush to get on with business.

I’d love to have such an intimate relationship with God. Perhaps I should rename my quiet time, “Lap Time” and picture myself sitting on my Daddy’s lap, talking to Him in an easy and relaxed way, luxuriating in His love and attention.

Jesus taught us to regard God as our Father. The love we have for our children and grandchildren is just a pale two dimensional image of the powerful paternal love God has for us. Our Heavenly Father wants to lavish His love upon us!

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