Fun and the compost bin.

the compost bin was on the grass yesterday before it came into use today.

Some people think that Christians have no sense of humour. They imagine ladies in black mid-calf dresses with their hair in a bun and any wrinkles they might have are frown lines rather than smile lines. Nothing could be further from the truth.

I find it such fun having a relationship with Jesus. Today my schedule was running about half an hour late because I spent a lot of time discussing the garden with my daughter and the gardener. As a result, I was later at gym than usual, and as I walked into the change room, I met the cleaning lady. I remembered I had put a small Gideon testament in my handbag with her in mind and I happily gave it to her. She was delighted. She told me the little bible her son had given her was very tattered and had pages missing.

“God sent you,” she said.

“This is such fun,” I said to the Lord in my mind.

I thought back to yesterday when my grandchildren had 6-year triplets to play. My daughter had just bought a plastic compost bin with a door at the bottom to access the compost. The children were sitting on it, crawling inside and coming up with all sorts of inventive ways to play with it. They were having uninhibited fun. I think that is how God wants us to enjoy life. If we look around, we can find fun and joy in the most unlikely places.

Jesus said, “I have come that they may have life, and have it in abundance. (John 10:10)

My Prayer

Lord, may I revel in the abundant life you have promised and find fun and joy in unlikely places. Amen.

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