Lockdown Day 1 Glimpses of Glory.

Yesterday was hectic. My husband and I decided to take the last opportunity to go out for breakfast and cappuccino while we still could. Portabello restaurant was quiet. In the beginning we were the only people seated there although another couple did come a little later on. We did our slightly bigger than normal grocery shop on Tuesday but I forgot to get stock cubes to make butternut soup, although I did buy a big bag of butternuts.

I went to Checkers. It was full to bursting. Queues for the tills stretched all the way down the aisles. The ten items or more queue snaked across the front of the isles and down the last isle. As I looked around for maybe the shortest queue, a black lady smiled at me and offered that I could go ahead of her in the ten items only line. That was my first glimpse of glory. An ordinary housewife, having already waited for who knows how long, being kind to a stranger. She was about twentieth from the till so I thanked her but decided I could probably do without stock cubes. That small gesture brought a lightness to my step.

My bible reading for today was from Psalm 119.

“Open my eyes that I may see wonderful things in your law. I am a stranger on earth; do not hide your commands from me.” (vs 18 and 19)

I’d like to adapt that for today to read:

Open my eyes that I may see wonderful things.

That kindness from a stranger was a wonderful thing. The spider web catching the sunlight that I saw the other evening was a wonderful thing.

The snail trail that my grandchildren pointed out to me this morning was a wonderful thing.


The ladybird that the neighbour’s children found among the pine cones elicited tinkling childish laughter that gladdened my husband as he hung up the washing. That was a wonderful thing.

In our normal hectic life, we miss these wonderful things. They have always been there but we rushed right past them.

My prayer, therefore is:

Lord, may I see wonderful things, glimpses of Your Glory, amidst the chaos, uncertainty and confusion of this time.

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