Lockdown Day 6b Learning New Things

One positive consequence of this Lockdown is we are able to learn new things. Those of the older generation, like me, are a little technically challenged. Last night I attempted my first Zoom conference which was attended by members of our fellowship group. I had a few technical difficulties. To start off, we couldn’t hear, then when I disconnected the laptop from the TV we could hear fine, but nobody could hear us. I’m sure by the end of the Lockdown I will be able to access this technology like a pro. (Maybe.)

This morning I found a lovely app on my cell phone which I had downloaded a while ago but hadn’t been able to use. It’s called Bible Lens from You Version. It puts bible verses to cell phone photos in my gallery. I’ve been having fun scrolling through photos to see what verses it’s appended to each. Here are my favourites.

Please let me know in the comments (How do you Like your Coffee?) what new things you are learning.

How do you like your Coffee?

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