Lockdown Day 12 Passing Understanding

Yesterday I noticed something strange on the patio under our gazebo.

Being the curious scientist that I am, I wanted to know what it was and how it had appeared in such an unlikely place. My first thought was that the grandchildren had emptied squigies, those water absorbing gel beads on the patio, but nobody in the family knew anything about it. On closer inspection, it didn’t have any signs of spheres which I would have expected if that was the explanation. Google was not all that much help either. Although I found several comparable images, most related to sightings of the stuff and other people asking what it was. Apparently such globs of goo suddenly appearing on the ground but usually on grass, have been recorded since the 14th Century. Folk lore accredits them to comets passing close to earth and the general name of star Jelly was adopted.

Scientific explanations have ranged from water-retaining gels added to soil to frog spawn, especially when the frog had been eaten by a predator and the ovaries ripped out and either left by the predator or regurgitated up by the predator after the gelatinous substance had swelled in their stomach. There might be different types of star jelly caused by different natural phenomena like slime moulds. I have scooped up some and put it in a bottle to see what happens – whether anything hatches or whether it just dries up. The stuff has no smell and I wasn’t sufficiently curious to taste it. Suffice to say, I have to accept that some things are beyond my understanding.

That, of course, reminds me of a bible verse, one of my favourites.

And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and your minds through Christ Jesus. (Phil4:7 KJV)

I don’t understand this peace that Christ offers. It can’t be explained by science, psychology or the world. Luckily I don’t have to understand it to appropriate it just as I don’t have to understand electricity to use my microwave.

Dear Lord, please give me this peace that passes understanding and may I share it with those you bring across my path Amen.

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