Image by Pexels from Pixabay

28 May

Last night we watched the countdown to the aborted space shuttle launch. For two hours we could see the astronauts kitted up in their space suits reclining in their capsule. It was a time of waiting. Around them people bustled and checked numerous parameters. In the end the weather was not ideal and the mission was scrubbed. Was all that waiting for nothing? I don’t believe so.

We are now in the period between the ascension and Pentecost. Jesus told the disciples to wait for the power that would be given to them, just like the astronauts had to wait for the ignition that would thrust them beyond earth’s atmosphere and into orbit. (Luke 24:49)

Sometimes we don’t like waiting. We see it as a waste of time. We are impatient. I use contact adhesive. It says “Apply to both surfaces and wait for 1-5 minutes until tacky.” Normally I apply to both surfaces and then go and do something else and only remember half an hour later when it’s too late and I have to start again. Winemakers tell us the importance of maturing – of waiting or resting in wine making. There are processes that need time to reach that state of readiness when they are at their best.

I pray that God is using this waiting time to mature me, to ready me for the next phase, whatever that might be. I don’t feel like I’m growing. In fact, all my insecurities and imperfections come bubbling out leaving me in a roller-coaster of emotions fluctuating between crying in the dark at night to feeling really happy with any given present moment.

Lord, it’s over to you. Make of me what you will. Amen.

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