Words to Remember

Last night our fellowship group got together to remember Pat King, our beloved friend and hostess. She died within days of receiving the diagnosis of Myeloid Leukemia. Somebody read the words she had given to each of us at our last physical meeting before lockdown. They will be her permanent message to us.

Lord – I believe

Lord God – I believe that you love me and that you made me for a purpose.

Lord – I believe that I shall not die a moment sooner or later than you decree.

Lord – I believe I shall suffer neither more nor less than you decide.

Lord – I believe that I shall complete the work that you have planned for me to do on earth.

Lord Jesus, as you died and rose from death, so I believe that I too shall rise from death.

Lord – I believe that in that resurrection I shall see and understand all that is hidden from me now.

Lord – I believe that because of this resurrection, new life springs out from every kind of death.

Lord – I believe that all my dear ones in the same way, are safe in your capable and moulding hands.

Therefore Lord – I believe that all anxiety is sin and I renounce it as unnecessary, wasteful and hurtful.

And Lord – I commit myself to you with all my heart to be set free to live and love and serve your children.

Memorial service leaflet

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