God Always Answers Prayer.

Image by congerdesign from Pixabay

God always answers our prayers, but He does not always give us what we want.

Rick Warren explains it thus:

“When the request is not right, God says, ‘No.’ When the timing is not right, God says, ‘Slow.’ When you are not right, God says, ‘Grow.’ But when the request is right, and the timing is right and you are right, God says, ‘Go!'”

This post is part of One Liner Wednesday.

3 thoughts on “God Always Answers Prayer.

  1. Sandi

    We had the opportunity to attend Rick Warren’s Church – Saddleback. We lived in Saddleback, a city called Lake Forest. And we took the kids to their wonderful youth program. Just an amazing campus. I miss it. We are now in Central Oregon, but I love on the internet, we can watch everyone live. Like my favorites Rick Warren, Greg Laurie, Skip Hetzig and used to be Chuck Smith long ago. Please feel free to stop by my blog, and say HI. We can be blogging pals and fellowship. 🙂



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