A Time to Wait

We spend a lot of our lives waiting:- waiting in queues, waiting for children to come out of school, waiting for our tax refund.

On Friday I made hot cross buns. As with all yeast cookery, it is a long process and involves a lot of waiting. After mixing and kneading all the ingredients, there is a time of waiting for the dough to rise. When it has doubled in size, it gets punched down to size and kneaded again. I have an electric bread-maker which performs those tasks for me. I just have to form the buns then wait for them to double in size again. It would be no good putting them into the oven before they have risen. They would turn out like stones. The waiting is necessary for the final product. The buns have to be at the right stage of readiness before the next stage can take place.

Image by alisonyo from Pixabay (My hot cross buns were a bit of a flop. They hardly rose at all)

God also waits for the right stage of readiness before He acts. He could have raised Jesus on the Saturday, but the time was not yet right. God’s timing is always perfect. Sometimes we don’t understand why the Lord doesn’t answer our prayers immediately. We don’t understand all the processes that need to take place before the time is right.

Easter Saturday is a time of waiting. “Waiting for God to do what only God can do. And of all the kinds of waiting we can do, there is no waiting more difficult than waiting on God!” (from Rosebank Union Church Holy Saturday Prayer Retreat)

There are different ways to cope with the waiting of Easter Saturday. We can look back on Friday and stay locked in fear, disappointment and depression. We can look forward to Sunday, trusting in God’s promises and His faithfulness. We can look around at the gifts and opportunities that are unique to Saturday. If there is a friend to bring comfort, we can rejoice in the gift of friendship, if there is a beautiful sunset, beautiful art, beautiful music or delicious food, we can appreciate and enjoy them. Perhaps we notice somebody else to whom we can be a blessing.

Most likely, our waiting will be a mixture of these different view points, but as we wait more and more on God, we can use our waiting period more and more for His glory and our growth.

Psalm 27 v 13-14 reads, “I believe that I shall look upon the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living! Wait for the Lord; be strong and let your heart take courage; and wait for the Lord.” (ESV)

My Prayer

Lord, I am not good at waiting. Please teach me the self-control to wait patiently and to trust You, no matter what. May I not waste the waiting times You have set for my growth. Amen.

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