Jenny Lee Young


I am a wife, a mother and a grandmother and I love each of these roles.   My husband is a wonderful man of God and my adult children, seen through a mother’ bias, are just amazing.  As for my grandchildren, the bias just gets bigger!

I ran a Girl Guide Company in Waverley until the end of 2017.     We had a lot of fun as we learned together.   This fitted in well with my love of the outdoors and my enthusiasm for energy efficiency   With my husband I enjoy camping in our motor-home. Our travel adventures include trips to New Zealand to visit our son and his family.

I have retired now but I loved my job.   I was the laboratory assistant at Rand Park High School.   I ran science and biology practical lessons, experiments and demonstrations.    The students were always happy to see me and I enjoyed fostering a love for science.

I would like to run science birthday parties for kids and inspire them with a love of science. I have set up a facebook page for this purpose, Granny Science.

I am a writer in training, trying a bit of this and a bit of that .   I know that Jesus has called me to write. In 2018 I finished my novel, “They call me Nothing,”  which has been duly rejected by two publishers. Watch this space!

I enjoy public speaking and was a Methodist Local Preacher some time ago.

I am a Christian and have Jesus in my life.   I would like to use my writing to uplift and strengthen other Christians.   My son allowed me to use his title, “Coffee in the Rain” which I have always loved. It reminds me of warmth and comfort when things are not ideal and I would like my blog to reflect that.

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  2. JoAnna

    I can relate to being a “writer in training.” I took technical writing and journalism in college, and it’s been a big surprise to learn how little those relate to creative writing as I get an abundance of feedback on my book. NIce to meet you!


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      1. Sandi

        Yes, it is one of those things that takes a bit of our time. I’ve learned to go with briefer posts. “snip-its” – try not to exceed 300 words. Just thoughts here and there. Anyway, I did enjoy it.


  4. Kim Smyth

    Hello, Jen!
    I’m a Methodist as well! We live in Texas and my hubby and I have been married for 30+ years! I find it fascinating that you are from South Africa, I love meeting people from around the world. I wondered if you’ve never thought of self publishing on Amazon, I hear it’s relatively easy!
    Btw, I like my coffee with butter, coconut oil, stevia, vanilla and a dash of Ceylon cinnamon 😉 Of course, all that gets whipped up in a blender cup so the oil doesn’t coat your lips. Try it someday, it’s called bulletproof coffee. Unfortunately, I had to switch to decaf because of my blood pressure.

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    1. Fuzzy Panda Barista Post author

      Lovely to meet you, Kim. I love meeting Christians from other places.
      I have self published my children’s book in the Kindle format, which doesn’t work on all Kindles because of the pictures but it does work on the Kindle for PC format.

      I keep intending to publish a hard copy as well but haven’t got down to it yet. Meanwhile I’m kept busy trying to write a blog post a day for JusJoJan during January.
      Thanks for visiting my blog.

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  5. oneta hayes

    We share a lot in interests and in having faced the “crises” involved when God moves us from one “glory” to another. I have lived long; I am amazed that He made a blogger out of me! I have met such nice people. I’ll be watching for more. I also love your blog title. I’m having some eye problems now which make me question just how God will work this out!


    1. Fuzzy Panda Barista Post author

      Hi Oneta. I will pray for your eye problems. May you always be aware of God’s presence even in your struggles.
      I never intended to become a blogger. It seemed much too modern for me. But it certainly seems to be the way God is pointing me.



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