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Everyday Inspiration, Day Six: The Space to Write

Where do I write?

Usually I write in my study with a small netbook. I use a wireless mouse because mouse pads drive me crazy. In fact my netbook has a quirk that unless I specifically press Fn and F1, it feels free to jumble my letters whenever it feels like it. You can tell I am slightly technologically challenged.

On occasion, I might take my netbook to the lounge or outside to write but my concentration is not as good. If ideas hit me suddenly, I write where I am, either in a notebook (the old fashioned kind) or on  a scrap of paper or somebody else’s computer.

At the moment I am trying to get into the habit of writing regularly according to a schedule but it is still in the very beginning stage and I  tend to be erratic.

Ideally my writing space would be a quiet room with no distractions, preferably with a beautiful view with free access to cappuccino and the occasional snack for when I need to take a break.

I decided to combine today’s assignment with Linda G Hill’s Streams of Consciousness Saturday. I hope that is allowed.

Is there anybody else out there who is just a beginner?



Everyday Inspiration Day 3


Home is somewhere where you are loved unconditionally. It starts out as where you live with your parents and any brothers and sisters. It might be where you live with your husband and your own children. It might even be where you come to after a busy day and find a dog ecstatic to see you. If there is no unconditional love, then it is not really home but just a dwelling or a residence.

Being homeless is not only sleeping on the street or in a ditch, it is not having anybody to care about you, it is not having anybody to worry about you if you don’t come home or miss you when you are no longer around.

A home is somewhere where you can be comfortable being you – the real you. Where you can surround yourself with your things and arrange the surroundings according to your taste. Home is where you hide when the world mistreats you, where you recuperate when you are sick, where you rest when you are tired. It’s a place to invite friends, to share meals.

Everybody ought to have a home but it is an ideal and in this broken world not everybody has what they need. Only, perhaps, in heaven, where all wrongs are righted and all tears are wiped away will we find our eternal home.

Things I’m grateful for


This is a slight variation on Things I like, which is my assignment for day 2.

I thank God for the following:

My family (kind, loving, husband, 3 amazing children and 5 wonderful grandchildren)

Our home which God provided

My job. OK it doesn’t pay much but it suits my temperament, I have school holidays free and I believe I am enriching the lives of others.

My health. Sure I have an ache or two and various bacteria and viruses come and picnic in my body on occasion, but overall I am healthy.

My friends. My best friend I have known longer than my husband, and we still meet once a week to pray together. Besides that I work with some amazing people, people who’s kindness shames my frequent forgetfulness, whose energy never seems to run out who are always surprising me by the hidden talents they posses. Then there is our fellowship group, my co-Guide Leaders, church friends, talented people in the photography club and writers circles.

Then there are all the things I take for granted every day, oxygen to breathe, food to eat, money to buy cappuccino, clothes, colours, a beautiful country, the arts, music, creativity, sport, technology, the internet, cell phones, cameras, furniture (especially a comfortable bed) electricity, water, warmth, beauty, the ability to walk, to drive, to see, to hear, to feel to taste and the variety of wonderful food God has provided to taste. ( not to mention the variety of flowers, music, landcapes, sunsets to be enjoyed by my other senses.

I am sure I can go on and on. What everyday things that we all take for granted have I forgotten? We were reminded on Sunday of an old “rinky dink” song, “Count your blessings.” Seems like a good idea.

I write because..

I have started a 20 day challenge to write every day.

Today’s challenge is 15 minutes free writing on why I write.

I write because I feel God has called me to write. See “How it all began” When you think about it, if I had been called to be a missionary in some foreign country, I would not be able to procrastinate and only do it when I was not too busy doing something else! If I take my writing as seriously, I must at least write every day. It is not a hobby, or an add on. It is a calling. I have heard that there is no such thing as Writer’s Block. Imagine if you have a job and when you wake up in the morning and don’t feel like going to work, you phone your boss and explain that you have Worker’s block! I never feel like going to work in the morning.

I must remember for Whom I write. I was not called to publish, I was not called to make lots of money, I was not called to win competitions. I was just called to write. So let me do that diligently and leave the rest to God.

I’m not sure if that was 15 minutes or not. It is at least a start.

Starting a book

Those of you who have been following me for a while know that I feel called to write, but I don’t know what. I have been playing with blogging and flash fiction and two short stories and now I am going to try a novel. I was inspierd when one of my short stories won first prize in our Writers circle and the judge said she’s like to see some of the stories turned into novels. I thought, “Why not?”

I have written the first chapter which you can find on Chapter Buzz.

I have also submitted it to the Writer’s circle. If it doesn’t win a prize then it is plain not good enough. I would also really appreciate feedback, positive or negative. I don’t want to waste my time if I don’t have the talent or skills to write a novel and if the first chapter doesn’t grip you then the rest won’t.

book-863418_640Please let me know what you think.

#6 “The Reason for the Season” – 25 Days of Christmas

I liked this post. We get so into popular quotes we forget to think.

Seeing God At Work Every Day

If you hear it once, you will hear it a thousand times this Christmas season: “Jesus is the Reason for the Season!”

Bumper stickers…
Uplifting jingles on Christian Radio…
Preachers from the Pulpit…
Posters in windows…

The Reason for the Season is Crystal Clear – It’s all about Jesus!!!!!

Would you mind if I burst your bubble?

Listen again what the Angel says to Joseph, “She will bear a son, and you shall call his name Jesus, for he will save his people from their sins.”
(Matthew 1: 21)

Jesus came to save YOU!

YOU are the Reason for the Season!

Laugh often and Fear not!

“25 Days of Christmas” – A 100 word daily devotional, counting down the days until the birth of the Newborn King!

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Bad Coffee

Since it is about Coffee which is in my title, and God’s plan, which is my by line, I decided to reblog this.

Give Me Everyday

I love bad coffee: acidic, burnt and beyond hope no matter how much cream or sugar you add to it. I love a cup of coffee that is so bad that you cannot help but wrinkle your nose in disgust, and you need to muster up all of your courage just to swallow it. I love a cup of coffee poured from a neglected pot and carrying with it the flavors and charred remains of a hundred burnt pots before it. A cup of coffee like that, I can hold in my hand for hours and often feel more luxurious than when drinking a perfectly hand-crafted latte from a reputable coffee artisan. I have come to find that often the worse my coffee tastes, the greater the adventure is that surrounds the tasting.

Yesterday morning I found myself drinking one of the worst cups of coffee I have ever had…

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