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Angel butterfly

This is a response to this weeks flash fiction challenge.

This week’s photo prompt is provided by TJ Paris. Thank you TJ!
The challenge is to write a story in 75 – 125 words telling a story based on the photo prompt. I challenge myself to do it in exactly 100 words so here goes.

Angel butterfly

I am disappointed. all those dreams I’d had as a caterpillar of bright coloured wings, reds and iridescent blues and yellows and now, look at me!. White!

Might as well find something to eat. I fly forlornly around avoiding those gaudy butterflies crowding around the largest flowers. Finally I spot a succulent bush with nobody fluttering around. Its flowers are small but, boy, are they yummy! This is butterfly heaven!

“Thank you so much,” whispers the bush. “We made nectar expecting bees or butterflies to pollinate us and nobody came. You have saved us. You are our Angel Butterfly!”