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Poetry, Day Eight — Flavor, Elegy, Enumeratio

I am behind on assignments.  Yesterday’s was to write an elegy about a flavour, using enumeratio, which is just a list.  My favourite aspect of birthday  parties that my mother used to throw for me an my brother were chocolate frogs. The came in creamy white, pale pink or pale green.  I can’t remember any birthday cakes, perhaps one that was a doll in a bowl shaped dress, but no others. When I think of the trouble my daughter goes to to make that special themed cake, and my mother is certainly one who would have done the same, it makes me rather sad that I can remember so few of them.

Anyway here is my

Elegy to a Chocolate Frog

I don’t remember the weather, was it a sunny day?

I don’t remember the party guests – those children who came to play

but I’ll never forget those chocolate frogs, creamy and silky and sweet,

And melt in your moth, and stay in your mind, where flavour and memory meet.

green chocolate frog