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Gates and Doors

Like many people in South Africa, we have an automatic electronic gate. To open it we point our dedicated remote towards it while depressing the button. The gate opens and stays open for a pre-set time then closes again. Or we can override it and depress the button again to close it.

Last night we left to attend our Community Group and the gate opened as usual. But it didn’t close. My husband pushed the button several times and it still wouldn’t close. He got out of the car to try from a different angle. At that moment he saw a Checkers delivery scooter. It appears the driver had forgotten part of my daughter’s order and found it at the bottom of his carrier. My husband buzzed my daughter to alert her and trusted that she would close the gate after the delivery man had left. Presumably she, too, couldn’t get the gate to respond. Our son-in-law put it on manual to close it then back on automatic. The same process had to be followed when we returned.

This morning the gate was found open. You have no idea how scary that is. It means that anybody could have strolled into our property while we were asleep. Even with the gate on manual, which it is at present, anybody who cares to try to open it, could do so. I feel insecure.

I have a new appreciation for the function of gates and doors. A gate allows us to select the people we allow on our property. Crime is a big problem in South Africa and unscrupulous thieves have been known to use all sorts of ruses to gain access to properties, from pretending to be service providers, delivery vehicles, potential buyers and more. When we were invaded at our previous property, the thieves sneaked in after we opened the gate and held us up at gun point. On another occasion they hijacked us outside our gate.

Jesus said, “I am the gate; whoever enters through me will be saved. He will come in and go out, and find pasture. The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” (John 10:9-10 NIV)

Up ’till now, I related to the next part of Jesus’ teaching, “I am the good shepherd” but not really to the thought of Him being a gate or a door. Now I understand. The sheep will be safe with Him controlling access to them. He is our security. I have been told that the shepherd used to position himself at the door or gate of the sheep fold. I can just imagine a nervous sheep snuggling up to Him and sleeping peacefully.

My Prayer

Lord Jesus, You are my security and my protector. You know exactly what threats are out there, both in the physical and spiritual worlds. I trust myself to You. Thank You for Your promise that You came to give me life to the full. Help me to appropriate the security and abundant life You offer me. Amen.

Alien House

Nobody ever saw who lived in the house with the blue door. All they saw was that every evening, 10 clean, empty milk bottles stood outside the door  and every morning the 10 full bottles would be taken inside.

“I’ll bet it is a witch,” said Nat. His 12-year old face glowed with excitement.

“I don’t believe in witches,” said Jimmy. “It’s just not scientific.”

“How does the milk get inside then? We’ve been watching the door for three days and as soon as the milk truck is gone, the bottles just disappear.”

“We’ll find out now.” Jimmy took the skeleton key out of his pocked. Noiselessly the boys crept to the door. It opened easily.

Ten cats stared at them. They looked like ordinary cats, except for the eyes. Instead of slit pupils, they had glowing red circles.

“Welcome,” said the grey Persian. “We’ve been expecting you. We needed  human subjects.”

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