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1st Day at School

Today my first grandchild started school. There she was standing outside with her huge school bag waiting for photos. Her school dress was crisp and new and slightly too big for her. Her shoes were all shiny and stiff and also too big for her.  Attached to her bag was a cute name tag with a butterfly that my daughter had ordered in a pack of name labels.  My granddaughter  showed me the inside of her shoes where pretty stickers with her name were stuck. She had a stomach ache.


She is nervous. I try to explain a little about butterflies in the stomach and Adrenalin (special stuff that God makes in your body so you are braver and stronger) but it probably doesn’t help.

Her nervousness is real and her stomach ache is real. I know, from my Granny perspective, that in a week she will be loving school and looking forward to going. Right now however, she would probably rather stay home.

We are all like that. We prefer the comfortable known to the potentially scary and dangerous unknown. However we can’t stay as we are. God needs us to grow and to learn so he puts us in new situations constantly.

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.” (Prov.3:5) Sometimes our own understanding tells us that a situation or challenge is bad and maybe we are even hurt but then is the time to trust in the Lord with all our hearts despite what things look like from where we are standing. Maybe it is just the first day at school.