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Trapped by the garden sprinklers

It was 7am on a Saturday morning. I could hear them from over the wall. Laughter and excited chatter told me the three children were having fun on the slide/jungle gym combo in their garden.


All of a sudden there was a wooosh as the garden sprinklers went on.

“We’re trapped,” said the seven year old boy.

“You and I can get down the fireman’s pole,” his nine-year-old sister said, looking around at the options, “but I don’t think our little sister can. She’s only five.”

The next chapter of the story unfolded when I heard their father’s voice. “Come on, you can do it.”

I reconstructed the saga in my mind. One of the older children had slid down the fireman’s pole and gone to get help, possibly leaving the other with the youngest. Their father, instead of switching off the sprinklers, had used the opportunity to help his youngest daughter learn skills and gain confidence in her abilities. He was there with her, helping and encouraging her to slide down the pole.

I thought what a parable this was! Sometimes, when we are unable to pray, our brothers and sisters in Christ can call on our Father on our behalf. He will always come. He might not change the circumstances or take away our problems, but he will always be with us, holding our hands, encouraging us to learn new skills and gain confidence in our God-given abilities.

Bee Day

In the summer I have my quiet time in our tiny garden. It is shaded by a huge acacia tree. I was sitting on the bench just settling down and breathing in my surroundings when my eye caught the footer in my journal. The heavens declare the glory of God. I looked up. A pure blue sky laced with acacia tree. As I focused I saw it. The movement. Thousands of bees were collecting pollen from the pom poms on our tree. They come for one day a year and this was the day. If i hadn’t looked up, I would have missed them. As I listened very carefully, I could hear the hum high above me from the endless activity.

God is at work all the time. We can easily miss it. We have to look up. We have to focus and turn our minds and thoughts to Him. We have to still ourselves and listen very carefully.

You might not see God working in your life at the moment but believe me, He is. Trust Him and keep your eyes and ears open and your heart attuned to His whispers of love.