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One Liner Wednesday

Nobody’s perfect. A marriage is just a union of two imperfect people trying to help and support each other as they pick their way through a hostile world in an attempt to make some kind of worthwhile life.

This is part of One-Liner Wednesday by Linda G Hill.couple-260899_640


One Liner Wednesday – Ancient Wisdom

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Whoever pursues righteousness and love finds life, prosperity and honor.
Proverbs 21:21 NIV

This is part of One Liner Wednesday by Linda G Hill.


This is part of One Liner Wednesday

It is written by Eugene Rens

“Christ died for us once and for all (removed the lens cap so that light flooded in) …but ..sin creates a barrier between us and God (smudges the lens so that the image is distorted even though the lens cap is removed)”

He goes on to say that confession is God cleaning our lens.

I am just learning about photography at the moment so this image makes a lot of sense to me.


One-liner Wednesday. Prayer is communication.

Prayer is like having a cell phone so small it is embedded in your ear lobe.

This post is part of One-liner Wednesday


Below is a tiny cell phone- still not small enough though…tiny-mobile-phone-banPhoto from http://mashable.com/category/mobile-phones/