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The Gathering of the Waters

And God said, “Let the water under the sky be gathered to one place, and let dry ground appear.” And it was so…….the gathered waters he called seas. Gen 1:9-10 (selected)

The sea is ever changing, like an actress in a play. At dawn her gauzy pastels float in tranquil, calm array,

Then, energised, she dances, whipping waves to foaming froth,

She spreads the beach with shimmer and spume-embroidered cloth.

She tumbles with the sea shells and flirts with fiery fish. She’s pushy or withdrawn, according to her wish. She’s regal as a queen, transformed by golden ray,

Then takes a bow to curtain calls before the end of day.

From backstage you can hear her when the curtains block the light, The murmurs and the whispers or the thunders in the night.

Poetry Assignment #5

I am going to try to do today’s assignment a little earlier in the day. The task is to write an ode to a map including how it interacts with us. We also need to include a metaphor. Mine is in two parts, the ode is in rhyme and the metaphor is in free verse. I have chose my GPS navigator to write about (actually it is an app on my phone).

Ode to my Navigator

In busy traffic, I’m glad your’re near,

You help me get from here to there.

You warn me when I go too fast

And save me from the cop’s shrill blast.

You guide me to a garge stop

Or hospital or coffee shop.

You never yell when I go wrong,

“Recalculating” is your song.

I exit at my destination

And start the holiday celebration.

DSCN3017The Lord is my Navigator, I trust in Him.

He helps me find the right path in life, he tells me when to turn and when to make a U turn.

His Word warns me and guides me and keeps me from wrong.

He leads me to places of rest and reflection.

He provides all my needs.

Even when I go wrong and go my own way, He doesn’t give up on me,

He shows me how to get back on the right road with gentle, loving patience.

And when at last my journey’s done, He’ll be waiting for me to lead me home.