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Disintegrating Shoes

“Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will never pass away.”

Nothing lasts forever. A few weeks ago, we were just about to leave for gym when we passed our daughter coming out of the tool shed next to the car port. She told us she had gone there to fetch some stuff that had been stored in a black refuse bag. As she lifted it, the whole bag fell apart with black bag dust covering the floor. We agreed it was good to know that the refuse bags we use are designed to biodegrade in landfill sites.

After gym I realised I had forgotten to pack my sandals. When I was still working, I used to go straight to work after gym and, after I left my shoes at home the first time, and had to go home to fetch them and be late for work, I put a spare pair of old but still usable sandals in the spare wheel gap in my car. So I retrieved the spare shoes and put them on because my husband and I were going shopping after gym.

As I walked on the black carpet at the entrance to the shopping centre, I noticed I was leaving funny white footprints. I looked under my shoes and saw that the soles were disintegrating. I had wondered why one shoe felt unbalanced. A big chunk of the heel was left in the car along with crumbs of greyish white sole.

I put both shoes in the nearest bin and put on my gym shoes. Unfortunately I didn’t get a photo of my crumbling soles, but this is my grandson’s sports shoe. It didn’t quite disintegrate but it is no longer usable.


Sometimes we lavish our money and our time on things of no lasting value. In the end they disintegrate into dust.

Nothing lasts forever. Not even us.

Our circumstances change. I am no longer earning a salary each month. I don’t know how long I will still be able to do the things I can now do. I can’t do some things that I could do twenty years ago. Friends are leaving the country, family is scattering. Our cottage, which I love, will not always be ours. One day other people will live there. They will change the things I chose when we had the alterations made. Maybe they will take out the wood paneling, or rip up the laminated flooring.

Jesus says even the earth will pass away. The only thing we can rely on, is God’s Word. That will remain forever. I have no choice but to trust the One who is eternal, not only with the changing circumstances of my life as it now is, but also with my eternal destiny.


I am packing to go to Cape Town for my step-mother-in-law’s memorial service. It is an un-budgeted trip and our budget tickets only include 7kg hand luggage. We are going for five days and I’m debating which shoes to take. Something smart for the funeral, something comfortable for site seeing, something warm because Cape Town is cooler than Johannesburg at present, something to slip off on the beach……  The Roman soldier had no such dilemma.

Ephesians 6:11 tells us about the armor of God. We must have our “feet fitted with the readiness that comes from the gospel of Christ.” (vs 15)

Roman legionaries footwear was not designed so much for protection as for surefooted-ness on varying terrain, for speed and for comfort.

Romans 10 vs 15 says “How can anyone preach unless they are sent? As it is written, ‘How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!’

The readiness in Ephesians is to be sent. Imagine a soldier, kitted out in full battle gear, running against the enemy on his own. Without the instruction of his commanding officer, he is doomed to failure and probable death.

We need to be prepared every day to be sent, to share the good news. However it’s not something we do in our own strength. All we are called to do is to be ready. Let’s pack our shoes!