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When this is over

This is a guest post from Estera Marian

you will sing this song of contempt about the king of Babylon and say: How the oppressor has quieted down, and how the raging has become quiet! Isaiah 14:4

Where is your oppression coming from? Is it from circumstances, people, the enemy, your own thoughts? The forces of darkness love to boast against us, just like the enemies of God’s people oppressed them with great blows. No matter how strong your enemy is, the day is coming when this oppression will cease! On that glorious day, you will taunt the one that tormented you. Imagine that! God will strip the enemy of his power. I don’t know what opposition you are facing but you are not alone. Every force of darkness will sooner or later have to bow down before God. Stand with Him even when you feel weak. Whatever you do, don’t give in to the enemy’s strategies!