Lockdown Day 25 Little Parables

Go to the ant, you sluggard, consider its ways and be wise! (Prov 6:6 NIV)

This morning my husband directed my attention to a sliver of grated cheese that was being moved by a work party of ants.


As we watched, the cheese slowly moved towards the sink.

To me it was a parable of how, when we work together, we can accomplish impossible-seeming tasks. Our church team has managed to distribute 2,136 masks so far to the destitute in the township of Alexandra. Nothing was purchased. As people run out of elastic or fabric, others drop what they have in excess at the entrance of the church and people who need come and collect.

My sewing machine light has given in and I was tempted to use the excuse to discontinue sewing masks. However, the parable of the ants has inspired me. I devised a hack, using a light my husband used to use over his bathroom mirror.

All over the country, South Africans are working together to help others.

I believe that after this crisis, we will emerge as a society that is more co-operative, more caring and more able to forge together a strong, united nation. The following video seems like a miracle but maybe it’s only a taste of things to come.

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