A Note to myself at 80

Dear Jenny,

Well, first of all, congratulations on making 80! How do you feel?

Les and I often talked about how we would be when we were as old as our mothers. I am assuming Mom is dead now. I hope you appreciated her while she was still alive and learned from her positive attitude.

I hope you are still writing and enjoying photography (or aren’t the eyes good enough anymore?)

A couple of pointers from my perspective.

  1. Doctors know more about medicine than you do, although I grant you that you know your body’s quirks better.
  2. People prefer to be around positive people than negative ones.
  3. Don’t neglect your friends.
  4. Don’t neglect your relationship with God. Now is the time in your life when you do have time.
  5. If possible, keep abreast of Technology. Ask the children and grandchildren for help.
  6. Be grateful. Count your blessings every day.

Please remember me with affection. I made the best decisions I could at the time.

Your Precursor,

Jenny at 63.

3 thoughts on “A Note to myself at 80

  1. any1mark66

    Ok, I see good reasons for the list. But it begs the question of what are you doing now that will require you to resolve it with God later! And if you keep pictures of it, there are other issues when the children eventually clear out the house. ūüėČ. Doctors know more about medicine hine because the drug companies pay for vacations


    1. Fuzzy Panda Barista Post author

      You make some valid points . I need to add another item to the list. “Declutter my house or room once a year.” and then another one I thought of: “Stay active. Continue to go to gym or tale walks or take up line dancing or similar”

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      1. any1mark66

        There is only one way to declutter a house, and that my darling is called moving. Most people won’t go to burning down the house extreme,so I’m saying one option. Go dancing,but avoid the alcohol part that makes us forget we can’t dance. At a certain point it will drain your enthusiasm. Like we all need less enthusiasm. So I walk laps,around a liquor store. Walking builds up thrust and I know of one with lots of aisles!


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