Just Another Example

Last Saturday, in the late afternoon, I fell off my bicycle.

We are staying in the Karridene Caravan Park in KwaZulu Natal. We are allowed to use the facilities of the Protea Hotel Karridene, including a much stronger Wifi signal than the wispy, come-and-go signal we receive at the edges of the caravan park. I had cycled to the conference centre and was on my way back to our site.

I landed on my elbow. A concerned fellow camper came to see if I was all right and walked my bike back to our site. My husband was a hundred metres or so behind me and soon arrived to look after me. My arm was very sore and I could feel the blood running down the inside of my jacket sleeve.

We managed to stop the flow of blood after washing the area well and my husband bandaged up the wound. Remembering my first aid training, I thought it best to put the arm in a sling and used my other jacket with a safety pin for that purpose.

I put my feet up and rested my arm on a pillow while my husband pampered me and made the supper. I took Aspirin and felt warm and snug. Soon I decided to go to bed. I went into the bathroom and changed into my pyjamas. Big mistake. My elbow started bleeding again. Blood soaked through the bandage. We found a dishcloth to use as a pressure pad but I couldn’t get the bleeding to stop. However, we tied the pad tightly, sent prayer requests to our family and I entrusted my arm to the Lord, hoping I wouldn’t find blood all over the duvet and pillow in the morning.

It was, of course, all right but I decided in any case to try to get to a medical facility and have the wound properly dressed and have a tetanus shot.

So Sunday saw us at Intercare in Amanzimtoti. While we were out and about, (it takes quite something to disconnect the motorhome from electricity and gas and wind up the legs so we can use the vehicle as a car) we thought we might just as well get a repeat of our tablets which we had planned to do on the Friday.

On Monday, South Africa went crazy. Shopping malls were attacked, looted, burned. The main highway between Johannesburg and Durban was closed. Rumours were rife, people were afraid. Those shopping malls that weren’t totally destroyed were closed. Most of them are still closed. Food became an issue.

Now it’s a week later. My elbow is so much improved, just three scabs and two sections of bruise that are changing from purple to yellow. Things have quietened a lot. The beach is now open, the roads are open and slowly smaller shopping areas are opening with long queues and limited access. In some cases people have queued for up to eight hours to go into a shop. Clicks stores, where we get our tablets, are not yet open in our area.

It just struck me yesterday, as I refilled my tablet container with the new stock. If I hadn’t fallen off my bike and damaged myself badly enough to be beyond my own first aid resources, I would not currently have tablets for my hypertension and hypothyroidism.

Falling off a bicycle is not a good thing. Is it possible that this is just another example of God using something bad for my good? After all, the Bible says, “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” (Romans 8:28 NIV)

My Prayer

Lord, please open my eyes to the working of Your hand in all the circumstances of my life. Amen.

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