FFfAW Challenge – Week of 05-24-2016

Charles fumed in the church. Amanda had thrown him out. He had nowhere else to go. If only she was more forgiving – after all, it was just a one night stand – this time.

He looked up at the ceiling. He felt his pulse slow down in awe. Was that heaven? Was that God on the throne? Maybe God could help. Maybe He could change Amanda. He was supposed to be a God of love after all.

Scenes from his own life flashed before him.  Hot tears filled his eyes. “O God, I really love her,” he whispered, “Please change me,” (100 words)


This story is part of Flash Fiction for aspiring writers. This week’s photo prompt is provided by TJ Paris. Thank you TJ for our photo prompt!

13 thoughts on “FFfAW Challenge – Week of 05-24-2016

  1. tjparis

    A very enjoyable take on the prompt and I love the way he goes from asking for Amanda to change to asking to change himself. A marvelously concise piece.


  2. jademwong

    Oh, very nice twist at the end there, having the reader expect him to ask for Amanda to be changed when really he’s asking for himself to be changed. I couldn’t feel sympathy for him (after all, he chose to cheat, he gets what’s coming to him), but then that line where he asked for himself to be changed, that finally struck a chord. Just well done!!



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